Music and Dance Workshop

E Hele Mai a Hula: A Hawaiian Music and Dance Workshop

As part of The IAFOR International Conference on Education (IICE2025) and The IAFOR International Conference on Arts & Humanities (IICAH2025), we are excited to present "E Hele Mai a Hula”, a workshop series offering a unique blend of learning and cultural engagement while we gather in Hawaii. Join us to explore Hawaiian music and dance led by renowned Hula instructor Auntie Carolee Nishi, a Living Treasure of Hawaii. This immersive experience is not just about cultural enrichment; it's a chance for academics to network, unwind, and embrace this vibrant Hawaiian tradition in a fun, interactive setting. Dive into the rhythms of Hula and the melodies of Ukulele, enriching your understanding of Hawaiian arts while engaging with peers in a relaxed atmosphere.

Important Information
Time & Date: Sunday, January 5, 2025, 17:35-18:35 (Session 1) and Monday, January 6, 2025, 16:45-17:45 (Session 2)
Location: Hawaiʻi Convention Center, Room 323C
Ticket Price: FREE

E Hele Mai a Hula: A Hawaiian Music and Dance Workshop

Discover Hawaiian Culture through Music & Dance

In the "E Hele Mai a Hula" workshops at the conference attendees will experience a symbolic Hawaiian tradition firsthand. Auntie Carolee will cover three areas of focus in these workshops:

Hula Dance

Delve into the graceful world of Hula, learning its movements and the stories they convey. This session is perfect for understanding the cultural significance of this traditional dance.

Ukulele Session

Connect song and dance through an in-depth cultural understanding of Hula. Participants will get hands-on experience with the ukulele, learning basic chords and melodies. This session highlights the instrument's role in Hawaiian music and offers a chance to learn and play together.

Hawaiian Song & Dance

Explore the interplay of song and dance in Hawaiian culture. This part of the workshop will provide insights into traditional Hawaiian songs and how they are integrated with dance to tell stories and celebrate the islands' history.

These workshops offer a blend of cultural education and practical skills, ideal for academics looking to connect with Hawaiian heritage in a lively and participatory setting.

About Auntie Carolee Nishi

Carolee Nishi, a kumu hula at Hula Hui O Kapunahala, has dedicated over five decades to teaching Hawaiian Studies and hula at the Nu‘uanu YMCA. Her journey includes a 41-year career at United Airlines, part-time work at Liberty House, and over 20 years teaching Hawaiian Studies in Hawaii's public schools. Carolee's teaching philosophy emphasises inclusivity and gratitude over competition. She imparts life lessons alongside Hawaiian language, music, dance, and cultural values. Recognised as a Living Treasure of Hawaii in 2020, Carolee is celebrated for her commitment to community service and preserving Hawaiian culture.

E Hele Mai a Hula: A Hawaiian Music and Dance Workshop

How to Get Involved

The "E Hele Mai a Hula" workshops at the conference are open to all attendees, free of charge, and require no prior registration. Interested delegates can simply walk in and join these engaging sessions.

For more information about the workshops, including specific details and timings, delegates are encouraged to inquire with IAFOR staff at the Check-in Desk during the conference. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience Hawaiian culture firsthand and network with fellow academics in a casual, enriching environment.

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