Programme Day 2

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Day 2: Friday, January 6, 2023

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09:00-10:40: On-site Parallel Presentation Session 1
Room 318A: Visual Arts Practices
65920 | The Birth of Bada Shanren’s Sleeping Cat
66784 | Foregrounding Contemporary Perspectives on Asian Art with Community Voices
66338 | Landscape Paintings Influenced by Climate in Noto Peninsula in Japan
66249 | Women of the United States National Park Service: An Oral History Fine Art Film

Room 318B: Ethnicity, Difference, Identity
66867 | Decolonial French Cuisine: Recipe Books & Culinary Identities
67347 | What Makes a ‘Good Life?’ Perspectives from Black Youth in Ontario
66815 | Issues in the Measuring and Reporting of Diversity
65784 | Imaging Revolutionary Revelation: A Black Wild Woman’s Liberation Journey

Room 321A: Literature/Literary Studies
67331 | Shirley Jackson’s the Haunting of Hill House: Critique on the Gender Role Rearrangement in Postwar American Society
66440 | Puruyanan: The Waray Concept of Home in Selected Poems of Victor N. Sugbo(moved to Saturday)
66882 | The Images of Food in Raymond Carver’s “A Small, Good Thing”
67026 | A Study on the Application of Tiger Metaphors in Tae Keller’s Novel, “When You Trap a Tiger”

Room 321B: Higher Education
65930 | The Ebb and Flow of COVID is Still Causing Ripples in the Language Classroom
65146 | Teaching for Resilience: Collaborative Multimodal Projects in the First-Year Undergraduate Writing Classroom
66654 | Students’ Witten Comments on Teaching: What Do they Divulge?
67267 | A Model of Implementation and Impact for Reducing University Students Academic Misconduct: Preliminary Results

Room 323A: International Education
66306 | Engaging International Students and Faculty Across Culture, Space, and Time Using ActiveFlex
65132 | Transition Programs and Third Culture Kids in International Schools
66246 | Japanese EFL Students’ Perception of Telecollaboration: Telecollaboration for Cultivating Pragmatic Competence
66701 | A Social Constructivist Pedagogy for Teaching International and Diversity Courses

Room 323B: Adult, Lifelong & Distance Learning
66874 | Educating Medical Professionals, Social Workers, and Families to Improve Resilience from Severe Grief after Bereavement – Results of an All-Japan Survey
65150 | A Communication Device and Platform for Connecting Isolated Elderly People with Absolutely No Internet Skills
66897 | Using Manga to Educate Elder Families’ Resilience through Advanced Care Planning for End-of-Life Care at Home

Room 317A: Foreign Languages Education & Applied Linguistics
67194 | English as a Lingua Franca in Model United Nations Simulations
65919 | How Can Japanese University Students Express Higher Level Opinions in Discussions With English Speakers?
67258 | Bridging East Asian Cultures in the Classroom Through Cross-language Collaborations
67172 | The Functions of Natural Conversation Resource Bank (NCRB), a Collaboratively Constructed Multi-functional Database, and Its Application in Language Education

Room 317B: Education, Sustainability & Society
67200 | Redesigning STEM Education Around Students’ Strengths: Drawing on LatCrit to Drive STEM Reforms
66414 | Parental Childhood Experiences and Community Involvement That Influence the Way Children are Exposed to Environmentalism Within the Black Community
66885 | A Qualitative Approach to Causal Inquiry: Using Causation Coding to Identify How Transformative Activities Elicit White Teacher Candidates’ Race-Related Learning
66962 | Creating Systems of Support for Black Educators

Room 322A: Curriculum Design & Development
67219 | Promoting Spaced/Spiral Learning Through Interleaved Curriculum
61464 | Developing a Customer-focused Approach in Level 4/5 Graphic Design Students Through Project-based Learning
66418 | Learning Through Storytelling: Supporting Teachers With SDG2 Resources in a Time for Building Resilience and Hope

Room 322B: Educational Research, Development & Publishing (Symposium)
67270 | Building an Inclusive Early Childhood Education Environment
67272 | Deployment of the Skill to Observe in the Educator to Build the Portrait of the Child
67268 | The Influence of the Quality of Interactions on Manifestations Related to Working Memory and Inhibitory Control in 4-year-old Children
67286 | Development of Inhibitory Control in Preschool Children 5 Years: Influence on Quality of Engagement

10:55-12:35: On-site Parallel Presentation Session 2
Room 318A: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication
66229 | The Representation of Japanese American History in Mother Country (1962)
67269 | Romanticizing Shanghai: Nostalgia for Republican Era Shanghai in Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema
66240 | Space, Illness, and an Alternative History of Modernity in Dr. Ma’s Country Clinic
65144 | Film Noir in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Room 318B: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness
67280 | Reshaping the Resilience of Women’s Bodies After the Pandemic in a Totalitarian Country Like Iran
66061 | Artificial Intelligence, Labour and the Common Good
65963 | Examining the Healing Power of the Philosophical Question: Why Should I Live?
65979 | Physical Manifestations of an Awakened Spiritual Quest

Room 321A: Language Development and Literacy
67256 | The Veil Between Worlds: Examining the Present by Exploring the Fantastic in a Secondary Classroom
66737 | What are Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices for Developing Metacognition for Speaking?
64901 | Language Development as a Marker of Student Success: Important Concepts in Review

Room 321B: Higher Education
66729 | Meeting New Generational Learning and Professional Needs in the Classroom
65837 | The Influence of Service Quality of the Office of Academic Promotion and Registration on the Satisfaction of University Students Thailand
64806 | A Dynamic PhD: Preparing Globally Responsive Higher Education Leaders in a Post-Pandemic World
66143 | The Impact of Multimodal Teaching and Learning Approach Amid Covid-19 Pandemic: Fork in the Road for South African Universities

Room 323A: Assessment Theories & Methodologies
67171 | Application of the Elo Rating System to the Development of the Automated Test Maker for English Education
67310 | Factors Affecting Changes of Lecture Evaluation After Teaching Practice in Higher Education
64406 | Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Methodology for ABET Accreditation: A Case Study of Construction Management Programs
67400 | The Growth of Team Science Frameworks in Teaching: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Room 323B: Higher Education
66193 | Indigenous Peoples and Higher Education Governance in Canada: Shifting Policy From Within
65221 | Accessing Ability: Making the Case for a Mental Health Promotion Approach to Inclusive Education (Moved to Virtual Presentation)
62044 | In the Spirit of Reconciliation? The BSW Learning Circle
65823 | Free is Not Enough! Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Pedagogy (OEP) Culturally Relevant and Digitally Inclusive Teaching

Room 317A: Foreign Languages Education & Applied Linguistics
67031 | Teaching Notetaking for Academic Lectures: Reports From Action Research
65914 | The Effect of Instruction on Japanese EFL Learners’ Pragmatic Routine Knowledge Using the Online Elicited Imitation Test (EIT) Module
66310 | Kanban Methodology to Assess ESL Students Learning Process
67225 | Transferable Speaking Skills in EFL: Through Virtual Conversation in Manga

Room 317B: Education, Sustainability & Society
67168 | Multimedia Communication Campaigns to Raise Awareness of the Endangered and Endemic Forest Birds of Hawai’i
66561 | Leveraging the Co-Benefits of Environmental Citizen Science Smartphone Applications for Environmental Research and Pedagogy
67295 | Developing a Curriculum to Conserve the Critically Endangered Mariana Crow
67380 | Tuition Support to Increase Participation in Post Secondary Education and Training and for Rural Revitalization

Room 322A: Educational Policy, Leadership, Management & Administration
66831 | Learning to Lead from Indigenous Leaders – Courage, Resiliency, and Advocacy
65501 | Assessment of Potentials for the Reform of University Management
65382 | A Pathway to Institutional Resilience in Addressing Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility
66768 | Reimagining Resilience at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): Emergent Governance, Leadership, and Crisis Management Practices

Room 322B: Nurturing Creativity & Innovation
61924 | University/Industry-Collaboration: A Practical Model
66549 | Analysis of Financial Literacy among High School Students, Graduates, and Young Professionals in Germany
65900 | Do Education Curricular Frameworks Reflect the Consensus About Key 21st Century Skills? Evidence From Canada
65948 | Maximizing High-Impact Practices in a Curriculum Model – A Pilot Study

12:50-13:40: On-site Parallel Presentation Session 3
Room 318A: Academic Writing (Workshop)
66921 | Strengthening Academic Writing for Entry-Level Doctoral Students

Room 318B: Clinical Supervision Forum
64977 | Clinical Supervision Forum

Room 321A: Literary Arts Practices (Workshop)
67061 | Serious Play, Funny Resilience: Surrealist Dream Writing Workshop

Room 321B: Professional Training, Development & Concerns in Education (Workshop)
66035 | Building and Sustaining High-Performing Resilient Teams in the Classroom

Room 323A: Cultural Competency (Workshop)
66578 | Cultural Competency: Providing Equitable Math Instruction through Cultural Relevance

Room 323B: Breaking Barriers and Building Communities (Panel Presentation)
66120 | Breaking Barriers and Building Communities: The Power and Unity of Music and Strategies for Refocusing the Lens of Orchestral Performances

Room 317A: PEN Principles (Workshop)
66307 | Using the Science of Learning PEN Principles to Create Better Learning Environments for All Students

Room 317B: Inclusion and Equity (Workshop)
67283 | Understanding Inclusion and Equity Through Experiential Learning

Room 322A: Professional Training, Development & Concerns in Education (Workshop)
66296 | Ad Astra per Aspera: To the Stars through Difficulties with the Ethical Mandate of Self-Care for Educators

Room 322B: Foreign Languages Education & Applied Linguistics (Workshop)
64100 | The Learning Experience Can Be Strengthened Through Music

13:55-15:35: On-site Parallel Presentation Session 4
Room 318A: International Arts Practices
66201 | K-means Clustering of Customer for SUPERGUCCI Collaboration in the Non-Fungible Token Market
67260 | Poetry Writing of Thomas Wyatt in Europe – Considering the Influence of Location of Composition
67155 | Woman in Nature: a Case Study of the Video Content by Chinese Vlogger Li Ziqi
66694 | Uniting a Nation Through Song: The Choral Music Landscape of a 21st Century South Africa

Room 318B: Science, Environment, and the Humanities
65420 | Investigating Barriers to Low-Carbon Policy Implementation Among Mining Companies in Ghana
66325 | Agile Architecture: Adaptability, Mutability + Resilience with Sustainability in the Crosshairs
66298 | Prayers for a Feverish Planet: New Music to Spur Action for Climate Change
67245 | Design Thinking in Education as a Catalyst to Discover and Maintain a Sense of Hope, Agency, and Confidence for Students

Room 321A: Learning Experiences, Student Learning & Learner Diversity
67190 | Does Peer Leadership Make a Difference? Impact of Students in Leadership Roles on Group Work Engagement in the Second Language
66854 | On Teaching and Learning: Advancing Cultural Competence through Dialogue Education
66292 | A Public University and a Small-Town Library: Community-Engaged Learners Foster Literacy, Diversity and Bilingual Identity in Rural Minnesota
66171 | An Examination of First Year Students’ Perceptions of the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) College Environment

Room 321B: Learning Experiences, Student Learning & Learner Diversity
65990 | Differential Treatment of Children in Early Childhood Education and Care Settings
65922 | Supporting Student Transitions and Resilience: A Literature Review
65948 | Maximizing High-Impact Practices in a Curriculum Model – A Pilot Study (moved to Room 322B)
66365 | An Additional 4Cs

Room 323A: Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Practice & Praxis
66783 | Addressing the Shortage of ESL/EFL Teachers Amid the Pandemic: An Investigation into Teacher Burnout in a Profit-Driven Context
65835 | The Lived Online Education Experiences and the e-competencies of the Teacher Education Institutions
65802 | Self-observation Using Zoom Videos and Teaching Journals as a Form of Reflective Practice
66599 | Supportive and Constraining Features of Teacher Education Contexts: Teacher Candidates’ Perspectives

Room 323B: Professional Training, Development & Concerns in Education
64842 | A Model for Bridging the Gap in the Perception of Self-efficacy Between Graduated Nursing School and Between Receiving Hospitals
65072 | Building Capacity of Undergraduate Nursing Faculty and Nursing Students Through Mentored Research Projects During the Early Months of COVID-19
65159 | New Nurses’ Experiences and Critical Thinking in Preceptorship Periods: Text Network Analysis of Critical Reflective Journals
64805 | Evaluation of Virtual Cultural Responsivity Professional Development on Secondary STEM Teacher Awareness

Room 317A: Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Practice & Praxis
66031 | The Challenges and Rewards of Teaching the Student/Customer, Whoever and Wherever They Are: Educating on a Cruise Ship
66036 | Dare to Imagine: Creative Scaffolding for Transformative Teachers’ Praxis
65831 | Land-based Learning: Perspectives of Place Within a STEAM-focused Teacher Education Pedagogy
62080 | Wonder at the Heart of Learning: Incorporating Beauty and Aesthetics into Science Education

Room 317B: Higher Education
65196 | Instructional Contingency Planning: A Change Oriented Approach
67196 | Providing a Plan to Improve LSAT Scores for Diverse Students Attempting to Enter Law School
67201 | Modeling the Relationship Between College Students’ Perceptions of Their Entrepreneurial Environment, Efficacy, and Intention
64340 | Teaching the Law to K-12 and Higher Education Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Room 322A: Design, Implementation & Assessment of Innovative Technologies in Education
66142 | Smartphones and Learning: Evaluating the Focus of Recent Research in the Field
66187 | Using Fortnite as a form of JLPT study
66024 | Team Progress Analyzer: An Innovative Dynamic Visualization Tool for Evaluating People Working on a Homework Group Project
66129 | Toward a More Resilient Democracy: Addressing the Challenge of Algorithmic Culture Through Digital Game Design Pedagogies

Room 322B: Curriculum Design & Development
65982 | Youth Cannabis Education
66295 | Curricular Redesign of a Non-accredited Nutrition Program: Strategies and Lessons Learned
66304 | Diversifying the Traditionally Non-Diverse Discipline of American Public Administration: Intersectionality and the Accreditation Process
65911 | Perspective Convergence of HIPs, Moments, and Active Learning in Construction Management Education: Comparing and Combining Findings from Multiple Research Projects

15:50-17:30: On-site Parallel Presentation Session 5
Room 318A: Media, Film Studies, Theatre, Communication
66909 | Kenney’s Ride: Albertan Populist Myths and the Symbology of a Blue Dodge Ram
66303 | The ‘Sadcom’ Story of a Washed-Up Horse: “BoJack Horseman” as a Tragedy of American Loneliness
65511 | Exploring Traditional Cultural Roots of Sustainable Development in China: An Educational Perspective
66071 | Audience Evaluations of Diversity in Streaming Media

Room 318B: International Humanities
66047 | Helping Family Caregivers of Older Community-Based Family Members as the End of Life Approaches
65634 | Older Adults’ Experience of Companion Animal Death: Findings of a Bereavement and Disenfranchised Grief Survey
66329 | ACTing like Everything is Alright: Grief and Loss in ACT Team Workers (and Other Health Professionals)

Room 321A: International Humanities
64980 | Eco-Populism or Eco-Fascism
65164 | Avoiding Collapse, Assuming Responsibility: Rapid ‘Ohi’a Death and American Imperialism
66029 | Tourism in the Context of the Blue Economy: An Analysis of the Sustainability of National Policies in Latin American/Caribbean Countries
60832 | The Pilgrimage in Judaism; Essence, Meaning and Goals With a Glimpse to Christianity and Islam

Room 321B: Nurturing Creativity & Innovation: New, Innovative & Radical Education
67244 | Piloting a Design Thinking Based Pedagogy for Teaching Innovation and Co-Creation at a Liberal Arts and Science College in Netherlands
66126 | Enrolling in the Metaversity: A Meta-Analysis of Virtual World University Campuses in the Metaverse
66312 | The Grit of Innovation – The Process and Key Ingredients in Creative Problem Solving

Room 323A: Assessment Theories & Methodologies
66301 | Using Unbiased Recursive Partitioning to Plan Curricula, Predict Student Outcomes and Repair Equity Gaps
67328 | Toward a Guided Self-Placement Testing Model for Greater Equality and Social Justice among Underrepresented College Student Populations
66834 | Transforming the Culture of Assessment to an Online Model: “There is More than Meets the Eye”
66219 | "They’re Going Above and Beyond": Teacher Perspectives on Working With Perfectionistic Students

Room 323B: Adult, Lifelong & Distance Learning
66366 | Effective Teaching Presence as Defined by Online Learners
62148 | Unlikely Partnerships for Resilience and Innovation: Lessons from the Pandemic for Teaching, Learning, and Leading
66744 | Critical Core Skills Profiling and Development in Singaporean Workforce

Room 317A: Foreign Languages Education & Applied Linguistics
66837 | English Instruction Practice for Students of an Early Childhood Education Course: Aiming to Develop Students’ Metalinguistic Ability
66339 | Catering to Minority Students’ English-learning Needs in an EFL Environment
67309 | Promoting Intercultural Sensitivity and Awareness of English as a Lingua Franca Through the Model U.N.
66328 | Is Native Speakerism Challenged? Roles and Expectations of Non-native and Native Speakers of English in Elementary Schools in Japan

Room 317B: Professional Training, Development & Concerns in Education
66699 | The Equity Experience: Leading, Teaching and Connecting Through the Lens of Equity
65184 | Developing Equity Literacy in an Online Multicultural Methods Course in Secondary Education
67401 | Centering Black Youth Well-Being: A Curriculum on Combatting Anti-Black Racism for the Youth Sector
67279 | Training Counselors from a Sex Positivity Framework

Room 322A: Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Practice & Praxis
64240 | Using Slack to mentor Public Health Research Assistants
66216 | Teacher Leadership – The Impact of Clinical Experiences
65876 | Teacher Candidates’ Perspectives in Teacher Education Instruction: Online vs. Face-to-Face Course Work

Room 322B: Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Practice & Praxis
67009 | Artificial Intelligence Applications for Academic Plagiarism Detection: Current Status and Future Prospect
66260 | Beyond Literacy: An Investigation into the Literacy Intervention Practices of Effective Teachers
66175 | Obuchenie in Writing Centre Tutorials: Searching for an Aha Moment
66141 | “Students are Resilient”: Teacher Perspectives on Student Engagement and Progress During the Pandemic

The draft version of the Conference Programme will be available online on November 29, 2022. All registered delegates will be notified of this publication by email.

*Please be aware that the above schedule may be subject to change.

Featured Presentations

  • Hindsight, Foresight, and Our Post-COVID Future
    Hindsight, Foresight, and Our Post-COVID Future
    Keynote Presentation: Paul McKimmy
  • Internationalisation and Cooperation in East Asian Higher Education
    Internationalisation and Cooperation in East Asian Higher Education
    Keynote Presentation: Brendan Howe
  • Hidden Hawaiʻi: A Huakaʻi through the Native Realities of Our Island Home
    Hidden Hawaiʻi: A Huakaʻi through the Native Realities of Our Island Home
    Keynote Presentation: Julie Kaomea
  • Weaving Knowledge Systems and Nurturing the Next Generation to Care for Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument
    Weaving Knowledge Systems and Nurturing the Next Generation to Care for Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument
    Panel Presentation: Pelika Andrade, Kai Hoshijo, Haunani Kāne, Randall Kosaki, Kanoe Morishige
  • Voyaging: From the Canoe to the Classroom
    Voyaging: From the Canoe to the Classroom
    Panel Presentation: Chris Blake, Mark K. Ellis, Catherine Fuller, Linda Furuto
  • Hawaiian Cultural Presentation: Poi Pounding
    Hawaiian Cultural Presentation: Poi Pounding
    Cultural Presentation: Darwin Kaneaiakala

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Hindsight, Foresight, and Our Post-COVID Future
Keynote Presentation: Paul McKimmy

The COVID pandemic challenged higher education to adapt to new parameters on a timeline no one saw coming. Typically slow to change, educational institutions made difficult changes on an accelerated timeline and under stressful conditions. Components of online education shifted from secondary to primary importance for nearly all institutions. As a result, some colleges closed under the strain. Now in the post-pandemic phase, we can reflect on which pre-pandemic institutional efforts paid dividends during the crisis. As a lead on the planning and support of online programs at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, and as chair of the Mānoa Distance Learning Committee, the presenter was positioned to support and observe efforts in multiple programs. This presentation will discuss observations and predictions relating to promising institutional strategies that have and will continue to benefit our programs in the post-pandemic reality.

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Internationalisation and Cooperation in East Asian Higher Education
Keynote Presentation: Brendan Howe

East Asia (including both Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia) is a region that has contributed greatly to the concept of an “Asia-Pacific Century.” This focus has been justified by the East Asian economic development “miracle,” the absence of interstate war in the “long peace of East Asia,” and an “Eastphalian peace.” Reference has also been made to East Asia’s other miracle, the decline of mass atrocities, while Freedom House notes it is the only region of the world to have made significant gains in political freedoms in recent years. Educational institutions in the region have made steady progress up international league tables. There is growing participation by East Asian scholars in international conferences such as those organised by ISA, WISC, DSA, and AAS, and a growing number of conferences organised by such associations in Asia. Yet, many obstacles stand in the way of a true internationalisation of higher education. These include a paucity of resources, a shortage of publishing outlets, language barriers, an emphasis on hard sciences and disciplines which promote economic growth (econophoria), and relatedly, the pull of policy relevant work that offers greater prestige and financial rewards. In some cases, nationalism, and in other cases a subaltern relationship to the West (sometimes both together), restrict regional educational cooperation and development. This presentation will discuss some of these issues and shortcomings, but also propose opportunities for overcoming the challenges.

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Hidden Hawaiʻi: A Huakaʻi through the Native Realities of Our Island Home
Keynote Presentation: Julie Kaomea

A huakaʻi is a journey taken with purpose and intention. In contrast to a pleasure-seeking tour of “must-see” attractions, our kūpuna set off on huakaʻi with humility, respect, and an open mind, allowing themselves to be moved and transformed by the people and places they meet along the way. In a similar spirit, I invite you to join in this virtual huakaʻi to the “Hidden Hawaiʻi” experienced by a group of classroom teachers and graduate students in my semester-long course in Contemporary Native Hawaiian Education. We’ll journey back in time to uncover the suppressed histories of a once flourishing and internationally recognised Hawaiian nation. We’ll lay bare the stark, contemporary realities behind the touristic sheen of glossy postcard images and expose the US military’s thinly veiled threats to our Native existence. Finally, we’ll venture to hidden kipuka or tucked away oases of aloha ʻāina that have thus far resisted the ravages of rampant capitalism and development – small sovereign spaces where Kānaka can put our hands to the soil once more to unearth, cultivate, and reimagine visions of more sovereign and sustainable, Indigenous Hawaiian futures.

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Weaving Knowledge Systems and Nurturing the Next Generation to Care for Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument
Panel Presentation: Pelika Andrade, Kai Hoshijo, Haunani Kāne, Randall Kosaki, Kanoe Morishige

We will highlight the diverse ways in which Kānaka ʻŌiwi (Native Hawaiian) are active in weaving ancestral knowledge systems, values, practices into multi-disciplinary research and indigenous science. These collective efforts will highlight how these ʻŌiwi and the Papahānaumokuākea Native Hawaiian Cultural Working Group are integral to protecting Papahānaumokuākea where there is no division between natural and cultural resources. These efforts are part of more than two decades of ʻŌiwi leaders and communities building pilina and kuleana to care for Papahānaumokuākea as an extension of the communities we call home.

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Voyaging: From the Canoe to the Classroom
Panel Presentation: Chris Blake, Mark K. Ellis, Catherine Fuller, Linda Furuto

This panel is composed of seasoned Poynesian Voyaging Society crew members who are also educators at levels ranging from elementary to university to the larger community. The panel will discuss transmitting the lessons of the canoe to students of all ages as well as the educational platform being launched for the Moananoiākea voyage planned to start in 2023.

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Hawaiian Cultural Presentation: Poi Pounding
Cultural Presentation: Darwin Kaneaiakala

Poi is a traditional staple of Hawaiian cuisine, and is made from taro, breadfruit or plantain that is pounded into a smooth paste and eaten by hand. This Hawaiian cultural presentation demonstrates the Hawaiian traditional protocols of poi pounding using traditional tools and the kalo (taro). A tasting of the fresh poi will culminate the presentation.

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